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Open notebook on a lightly stained wood plank desk, shaded by plants and single washed green leafy plant casting shade unto the notebook.
Artisitic mockup of FlipForge logo in white and red, on a light wood shelf. Logo is within a square grey picture frame with a broad white border. Sharing the shelf with a cylindrical vase, filled by a simple smooth leaf plant/ cutting of plant.
A passion project fueled by years of ambition. 

FlipForge is a holistic solution to your creative needs for starting and/ or maintaining your business. We understand that inspiration stems from different places for different people and no one person applies this spark in the same way. Creating is exciting. Therefore as long as the client feels comfortable, we encourage your active feedback so you can have a more involved role in the process. 


FlipForge will deliver results regardless, we’re always learning and keeping a thorough understanding of events and trends to ensure all business requirements are met. By applying ourselves with meaning, we produce engaging, attractive and unique work, sure to generate new business.

A name thought up on the way back from an airport run in September 2023. FlipForge is a pinpoint accurate description of our approach on brand evolution, this is how we view it: 
Flip: To evaluate a previous project and study the workmanship to understand what creates its identity. Then, having captured this, renovating the project whilst keeping the values core that originally defined it. 


Forge: Taking material in its purest form. Then with precision, creating a strong, successful and effective end product.


Starting with limited capital, FlipForge’s founder Daniel hoped to bring a fresh take to the market proving that there are unconventional ways of approaching marketing and branding that can often be more fruitful and fulfilling. 

Image of company Founder

Daniel Cullen


Currently, FlipForge is me.  

I oversee all work from start to finish and will be your single point of contact for all projects until, hopefully, it’s too much for me to deal with on my own. 

Commended by many for having sponge-like learning habits, I have always had an ability to take in, remember and apply core information quickly allowing me to be an adaptable and fast learning individual. 

Whilst this is my first personal venture, growing up in a family where more are self-employed than not, I’ve had a lot of experience performing within start-ups and producing functional, effective marketing materials on a tight budget.

With my creative abilities being self-taught and refined over the last 5 years. 

I find great fulfilment in creating and helping others create. Understanding the mediums through which people express themselves to produce material they feel familiar with. 

So here we go, hopefully in a few years' time there will be others on this page with me! 

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